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It's Gonna be a Ball to End Them All!


“Bouncy, sassy…rousing.  A San Francisco treat …
Boasting a big heart, soul and spirit.”
--San Francisco Examiner


"Fun-loving and high-spirited.  If clever musicals are your thing,
this one will definitely get you smiling and clapping along."
--SF Weekly


“(An) old-fashioned, zany musical comedy romp with a big heart (and) standout musical numbers...Lytle's show has legs and wings.”
--Louisville Courier-Journal


"Near perfect. Incredibly witty dialogue with touches of British pantomime, vaudeville and even Catskills Yiddish tossed in as condiments.
It would not be surprising to see this show reach Broadway."
--Contra Costa Times


"Delightful! Upbeat...sassy and clever. Melodies reminiscent of the work of Jerry Herman, Irving Berlin and Rodgers and Hammerstein"


"An absolute smash...A hot, fresh and fabulous musical fairytale that's not a feather or finger-snap short of its high expectations."


"Lytle nimbly suggests the sounds of yore, with a slight musical wink, and with lyrics that will be deceptively in the moon-spoon-June variety before a reference to leather bars, Speedos, or Crisco finds it way into the rhyme scheme without a hint that anything subversive is at hand."
--Bay Area Reporter


"The show is relentlessly cute and campy - which is the point"
--San Francisco Chronicle


"A must-see comedy. Extraordinarily delightful.
Ingeniously as compassionate as it is hilarious."
--Alameda Journal


"Queerly a triumph! Ron Lytle's Oh My Godmother
proudly puts the fairy in fairy tale."
--Alameda Sun


"An audacious contemporary twist on the classic tale"
--East Bay Express


"I just loved it! I wish I had the time to see it again. And again."
--East Bay Voice


"Infectious tunes and spirit make 'Godmother' sparkle!
Charm and exuberance to spare… you’ll be hard pressed to find any musical, new or old, more carefree and gay!"
--Chad Jones Theatre Dogs


"Zaniest musical of the year!"
--Beyond Chron


"Witty, colorful and hilarious."

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