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Go on and Have a Fabulous Time!


OH MY GODMOTHER! is a side-splitting, over-the-top musical comedy spin on the classic Cinderella tale, set in modern times.  But don't think you know the whole story just yet...

Ron Lytle's toe-tapping score is a parade of syncopated showstoppers including such memorable tunes as "Cinder-Albert", "Fabulous!", It's A Boy" and "Old Fashioned Commitment Ceremony".

Start with Albert, a young, love-struck gay man in San Francisco.  Toss in a homophobic stepmother and step-sisters; a godmother who is anything but a drag, the reigning queens of Castro Street and their adopted son Prince-who's questioning his own sexuality-and you'll begin to understand why this show and it's score have been greeted with gales of laughter, thunderous applause, and sold out houses throughout the country and abroad.

Go on and have a fabulous time!


The lights come up on Godmother (a man) who welcomes us—and cautions us not to think we already know this story (“Once Upon A Time”).  By the end of the song, we are on a busy street in San Francisco and we meet the denizens of the City, including Albert, his openly homophobic Stepmother and stepsisters (Esther Hazy and Esta Lieber), Princeton (“Prince” for shot) and his best friend Payne.  (“San Francisco, Home Sweet Home To Me”).  In the middle of the song, in the middle of the street, Albert and Prince lock eyes—but the chance meeting ends in disaster.


Back home, Albert suffers the slings arrows of the wicked trio.  Although they say the most hateful things imaginable, they are unable to daunt his spirit (“Cinder-Albert”).


Albert visits his Godmother at The Beaded Lash, the most fabulous costume shop in all of San Francisco.  As Albert tells of his embarrassing encounter with Prince, he is horrified to spot Prince and Payne approaching the shop.  In order to avoid facing the abject of his attraction, the boy must disguise himself…as a girl!  The gay Prince is confused by his apparent attraction to this “girl”.  Payne attempts to set him “straight” on this point (“Look At The Way”).


When Prince’s adoptive parents (two men—Oscar and Truman) discover the nature of their son’s new crush, the devastated Truman can’t help but feel it’s their fault (“Where Did We Go Wrong?”).  Meanwhile Prince, alone and confused, asks himself the hardest question of his life (“Who Am I?”).


Still in his borrowed drag, Albert returns home to his less-than-welcoming Stepmother.  After driving him to his room, she and the girls celebrate their wickedness before departing (“Bitch”).   When Godmother stops by to pick up the borrowed clothes, Albert cries on his shoulder, and recalls his kind and loving father (“I Miss Him More Today”).  Suddenly it becomes clear that Godmother also misses Albert’s father.


At a sidewalk café, Oscar and Truman are still reeling from Princes’ announcement.  Truman stumbles upon the idea of throwing a party and surrounding Prince with eligible men to make him forget about the girl.  Oscar agrees to the party—provided girls are invited as well, so that Prince might discover what will make him truly happy.   Truman is thrilled and asks Oscar why he is so good to him.  Oscar explains that it’s either love or insanity (“I Must Be In Love”).


Before long, the streets are alive with activity.  Every male and female knows that Prince is the hottest catch available, and they can’t wait for the following evening when they’ll finally find out for certain if he’s gay or straight (“There’s Gonna Be A Ball”).


On the night of the ball, Prince is stalling.  Oscar tells him not to feel pressured to figure things out too quickly (“You’ll Know When You Know”).  Meanwhile, at his house, Albert receives a surprise visit from Godmother, who thwarts the Stepmother’s plan to keep the boy from going to the ball—by sending him in disguise (“Fabulous!”).


The ball is in full swing (“Tonight At The Ball”).  The only person not having a wonderful time is the guest of honor, Prince.  Just as he is about to leave, however, who should appear but the “girl” of his dreams: Albert!  Left by themselves and miserable, the stepsisters ponder their single-dom (“Somebody For Everybody”).


In the garden, Albert tries to tell Prince who he is, but Prince is too excited to listen.  He feels something that he’s never felt before (“I’d Like To Sing A Love Song”).  Albert finally manages to inform Prince that he is NOT a woman.  This is a cause for celebration in Prince’s family (“It’s A Boy!”).  But at the stroke of midnight, a misunderstanding causes Albert to flee and to reflect on his broken dream (“Midnight”).


The next morning finds Prince alone and depressed until Payne convinces him to do something about the situation (“Go Find The Guy”).  And with a bit of help from Albert’s Godmother, Prince does find his guy.  And this time, Prince won’t let his true love slip away (“That’s My Albert”).  The entire company gathers to celebrate (“Old-Fashioned Commitment Ceremony”) and the curtain falls on the one thing that every good fairy tale needs: A happy ending!




          Out and proud. Resolute and strong out of necessity.


          Gay, but suddenly confused when attracted to a 'girl'.


          Albert's only constant, and his only real family. Owns  a drag

          shop in the Castro, but is not himself a drag queen.


          Prince's best friend and Oscar/Truman's houseboy.  Flamboyant,

          self-absorbed and obsessed with boys.


          Prince's adoptive father.  Sensible, calm and steady.  Happily

          married to Truman for 25 years.


          Prince's other father.  Highly sensitive and overly dramatic.

          Very much in love with Oscar.


          Endlessly cruel to Albert.  Openly homophobic.  Evil meets glam.


          Lazy and spoiled.  Unpolished and rude. 


          See above!


          M/F: As few as two of each, or as many as you like!

THE SONGS: (click HERE for clips)



   “Once Upon A Time”


   “San Francisco, Home Sweet Home To Me”

            Full Cast



   “Look At The Way”


   “Where Did We Go Wrong?”


   “Who Am I?”



            Stepmother, Esther Hazy, Esta Lieber

   “I Miss Him More Today”

            Albert and Godmother

   “I Must Be In Love”

            Oscar and Truman

   “There's Gonna Be A Ball”

            Ensemble and Truman

   “You'll Know When You Know”

            Oscar and Prince


            Godmother, Albert and Boys



   “Tonight At The Ball”

            Full Cast

   “Somebody For Everybody”

            Esther Hazy and Esta Lieber

   “I'd Like To Sing A Love Song”

            Prince and Albert

   “It's A Boy!”

            Truman, Oscar and Prince



   “Go Find The Guy”


   “Old-Fashioned Commitment Ceremony”

            Prince, Albert and Full Cast


OH MY GODMOTHER!'s score is orchestrated for 6-7 Musicians (Piano, Bass, Drums, Trumpet, Reed I, Reed II and optional Reed III).  Want to do a large production of the show with 12-14 players?  Let's talk!  No orchestra? No problem!  We've got your back(ing tracks)!  

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